Why Doesn't My Cap Seem Interested In Sex?

I've been living with and engaged to a Capricorn man for about a year and a half. He is also very moody, seems almost bipolar and does NOT communicate.. it's so frustrating! What bothers me the most (besides the lack of communication) is that ever since he moved in our sex life has become almost non-existent. I have to add I have 2 teenage daughters and he has a son that doesn't live with us that he misses very much.. we are also having major financial problems as I am out of work, he just got his job back after being laid off for several months (he wants to find a different profession so even that is not necessarily a good thing) and I'm letting him use my car to get to work as he has a job and I don't. Everything I read is about Cap men being horny and wanting sex all of the time but in this case I'm the one who is horny 24/7 & I feel hurt that he doesn't seem interested in sex. He actually opened up one night and said he's depressed over our financial situation, not seeing his son, that we can't ever go out and do anything fun, and he's tired from this job he hates.. he wants more for us. Still, I can be depressed and still want sex. The rare occasion we do have it he's not at all passionate like he used to be. Am I being unreasonable and selfish or could this be normal for the situation we're in right now? The other thing that has changed is he used to be addicted to ****.. even admitted he was.. but since moving in with me he no longer watches it (not that I'm complaining) but I know he used to watch it daily, nightly.. every chance he got.. I wonder if this also has something to do with his seeming lack of interest.. did he get used to the **** to get his juices flowing? I'm so confused.
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i think you have a tiger woods or a charlie sheen in your house

Bloodpig, thank you so much for your input. What you said makes sense.. however I have never had such a hard time trying to communicate with someone. He has a wall up that he will not let down.. that one night that he told me what was wrong was kind of an argument we were having through text messages - while both in the same house! I understand that he has a long ride to and from work and his job as a tiler is grueling so he's exhausted and when he comes home he wants to shower, eat and relax.. which he does by going on the computer to play a golf game. However this gives me no time to attempt to talk to him.. on the rare occasion I do make an attempt, he ignores me like I haven't said anything. This leaves me frustrated and then he tells me that I'm either being 'silly' or 'dramatic'.<br />
As far as the sex goes, I've basically done all of the above but by the time we go to bed he's tired and as he has said 'the last thing on his mind is sex'. I'm trying to be patient.. just wish I knew some way to get him to communicate. By the way, I'm a Virgo so I (over)analyze everything.. this whole thing is making me feel unattractive and unwanted.