He Is Capricorn And I Am Aquarius

We are both attached to others but have decided to pursue these feelings we have for one another. My capricorn does not give up in trying to make this work between us. It's been a few years in the making. He is very persistent in keeping what we have. It started as friends and we have not had SEX yet even if we have admitted our feelings for each other. We meet sometimes, we talk, kiss and hold hands. It is very sweet and reassuring. But there is that big BUT... it is him who initiates everything. He calls me, he decides when we meet and so on. It's a little strange. I sometimes want to back out of it all and I don't even know if I want it to be more physical than it is.... but I am worried of his reaction. He seems so proud and all. I am sorry, I need to write this down and I welcome any comments. Thank you.
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But you love him? I'm in love with a capricorn. It's not easy-going tho.

Hi Ricki, are you married? I don't think I am in love but I like him. I try to hold back and that bothers him. I just need to see what kind of person he really is. :)

Have you ever read about the character of a Capricorn?
Yes I'm married but it's someone I met online last year.
Not dangerous for my marriage because he wants to stay alone. :-(

no I haven't read that, where would I find that?

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