Love My Scorpio Man To Life!!!!

Ever since I was young and first started dating... I've ALWAYS fell for a scorpio Man. However there is one Scorpio man that changed my life forever. He is my now future husband and I Love, trust, respect and admire beyond belief. He is my protector, best friend, and love of my life. It took a lot of work from both of us to break my will and stubborn headed ways but now that I look back. If it wasn't for God blessing me with him.. a gifted strong intelligent man. There is no telling how bad off I would still be. Thank you Loves for Everything and More...

Sincerely Yours Truly
Kream19 Kream19
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 23, 2012

he's a cool partner kream.

I am a capricorn female who is being chased by a scorpio male. I am drawn to him and I don;t know why?

I have broken up, removed, deleted his profile only to replace him, restore and rekindle it over & over again.

Tell me what does he have that is sooooooooo powerfully drawing me back to him??


It could be his alluring mysterious presence or the way he makes you feel so secure no matter what... He always makes you feel secure!!