I Use, I Judge

I don't often genuinely like people. And I can tolerate people even less than I like them, usually. At the root of this is the Capricorn motto: I Use, followed closely by I Judge. I do. On both accounts.

I Use people. If that person is going nowhere, I'm not going to put in the time to be friends with them. Why bother? They can't give anything to me. There is nothing that I hate more than a useless person. You are probably useless or aimless given that you're reading this. Yes, even you, fellow Capricorn. Right now your life is stagnant and if we were to meet, I would politely close the conversation because, hey, this is getting me nowhere. I'm equally useless, righting this right now. Saturn's dark atmosphere has overtaken me and now I'm swimming, floating aimlessly in a pool of deep thought.

I Judge people. It's crippling. Every person that I see I automatically judge. It could be anything- what you're wearing, what your hair looks like, the quality of your skin, the people that you're with, your posture, your laugh, your voice. I'll find something that I don't like. Don't worry about that. But because I judge people so harshly, I assume that people do the same to me. I've been assured that that's not the case, but I can't help but think that they're out there. Looking at me. Looking at my faults.

I hate everyone I meet, but they'd better love me.
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That's really ******* stupid.

This sounds so much like a Cap that I had to make sure that I wasn't the one who wrote this lbs. I feel like the wicked ways of Capricorns is the basics of how the average mind works and how people have trained-or been trained- not to act. As a Capricorn I feel like because I've taught myself to be a closed off observer since I was born, I haven't had many general experiences to learn from. So as I grow and somehow people like me lol I have bad encounters, encounters that I realize later is my fault. But then I'm sad about it. I feel bad when I harshly judge and then I'm judged later and I don't like it. As Caps we have to self teach which sucks because it causes us to lose ppl we truly care about by using those wicked Cap concepts smh ***** ****** up out here

You're not ill.
judging is a rude word for a hidden advice.
Speak you're mind gently with class.
People will love you and respect you for that and guess what?? Feeling love will eventually let you give love.

You can be a rude judging person
Or a wise respectable person
You're Choice .

I'm a Capricorn man btw and being a Capricorn has nothing to do with negativity.
I believe environment and experience play the big part in shaping personality not the zodiac.

P.s: the dark pool feeling is supposed to be you're alone time to relax .

Have a good one, Peace.

you are meant to guide others going nowhere you sound full of hatred

I don't often hate someone actively. It's usually more matter-of-fact.

have uconsidered therapy and meds for yourcondition?

it is a mental health issue you battle

What condition do you think it is?

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