I Don't Even Understand It...

I'm Cap. For some reason I always get misinterpreted as a Sag or a Gem. I don't know a thing about being a Cap. I just know that every Cap I meet is WEIRD in some way. The ones I know seem aloof and very into their own world. Other tha that, all I really have to say is, "I ioh s lW m, d'[0 32 lkjaef] 2rec 4r][df |Sd ewjc....." Believe my words, they are VERY true.

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I wonder how much you know about astrology. Did you know that you have other major signs?? 2 others actually. Capricorn is your sun sign...you also have a moon sign and a rising sign. Maybe on of those other major signs has more of an affect on you then capricorn. For instance if you have cap wish is an earth sign and lets just say your other 2 signs happen to be air signs then your going to have more of the air sign qualitys ya know... Maybe that's why your always read wrong and why you find other caps to be odd.<br />
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Just a thought

Haha...No code. Just me being a smart-***....Then again, maybe you meant what you said to be smart-assed, too! :) I'm confused.

I don't do codes very well....what is it?

I agree with some of what you say, but the main theme of your message is flawed. Otherwise, your words hold truth