I'm a Capricorn

i feel so good and i am soooo proud ,that i'm capricorn!i love this sign,well i don't think i'm exactly THE CAPRICORN ,that we know...nerd,shy ,introverted-i'm tottaly opossite!i guess,i'm a fire capricorn,not a earth,but still love this great sign of earth,and i also love this day-14 january...my Bday!

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I am talkative, I am not shy or a loner

but I said I'm not shy,I guess you misunderstood,but it's ok!Capricorns are all my friends!:)

It is funny, I was born on Dec 31st and I am exactly as you say: nerd, shy and Introverted, I guess there are two types of capricorn.

Yeah.. same here.. Capricorn.. i like my sign too Hugs* ^_^

hi. i am a water sign - scorpio. i know what you mean. my dad was a capricorn. happy birthday!