I am capricorn. I love being capricorn. I want to meet other people who are. I think it'd be interesting. My ex boyfriend is one. We got along so great and knew and understood each other to insane amounts. I also want to know what a Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo is like. I've never met any?
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I'm part Libra, part Capricorn, .... I'm leprechaun !!!

Haha!!!! I see what ya did there!

And I do like "Acting the goat!!"

And I am a Capricorn, 28th December

Though I never use the powers it gives me to do evil !!!

I'm 28th of December too!

Is Christmas a bummer for you too?, " Oh, we got you a bigger present, for both"
Or just a card with, "Present to follow in new year" Yeah'! Right!

Yes! I hate it! It's so annoying. My grandma does it every year and my mom gets pissed at her for it.

Bet she still tucks in at Christmas lunch!!


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