Well I never really understood Astrology signs as Im a Libra and so are a couple of my family members. However Im nothing like them...Im quiet and hate attention being drawn to me. Find it hard to meet people in groups.
Found out I have a Capricorn rising sign!
And to me it makes perfect sense! I knew I was a different Libra! :)
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I can understand. I'm a Cap and supposedly I'm supposed to be materialistic, but I could care less about money or wealth; I'm more interested in true happiness that money can't buy.

haha, you're opposite from me, I'm Capricorn with Libra rising. :) But to me both of it makes sense.

Thats interesting! :) I think its difficult because one is so airy fairy (Libra) and the other so grounded and sensible (Cappy) Which do you find your more of?? :)

I'm more Capricorn definitely, I did a natal chart and I have 7 out of 12 planets and those other things in Capricorn. But I certainly do have Libra qualities, but when it comes to my inner nature, I'm definitely a Cap. While I was younger I thought to be much more Libra than Capricorn, it took me some time to actually develop real Capricorn traits and to become more my true self. So I guess a lot of it depends on you age or period of life, and also on positions of other planets. Do a natal chart if astrology really interests you.