I Am Capricorn

Capricorns, we are weird, sometimes I want to be by myself, sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I want to call my few friends, sometimes I don't want them to bother me or ask for favors. Animals and children are always welcome to my heart. I hate when people is unrealistic, when they just dream and do not have any concrete objectives. Most of the time I feel that I can accomplish my goals, other times I see them a little bit far. But I know that although the path can be hard and with stones, a Capricorn with God's help will cross it and will arrive to the other side. It is not easy, or maybe we don't see it easy, but at the end all of our effort will be worthy.

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Ikr, Capricorn are so complicated, I mean I'm still trying to figure out myself. I don't know we're just difficult.

I am a Capricorn. Why do I feel the need to be the morale judge on the world?

I am a capricorn and feel that words are powerful. The negative outlook on capricorns is a choice of freewill given to all human beings to treat capricorns with kindness. I know the reality other signs will always try to steal our joy.........

I am a Capricorn and this is a poem that I wrote that pretty much sums up my experience as a Capricorn. It's untitled -- <br />
<br />
Why is the world the way that it is...<br />
Where the people you love most .. <br />
hurt you the most...<br />
Where it rains and your tears are drowned in the rain..<br />
and nobody cares, just some beautiful stranger <br />
with a hi & bye.<br />
<br />
Where you think about what you could have done better...<br />
and you remember past pain as if it happen today<br />
<br />
Where you feel<br />
unloved<br />
misunderstood<br />
un-thought of<br />
unhugged...<br />
<br />
your skin goes untouched<br />
and when a man wants to hold your hand<br />
its only so he can release his breathful breath and sweatful sweat into the night...<br />
<br />
Where people do not pay you what you are worth<br />
and your mother can go days not knowing you<br />
and you sit alone...<br />
with tears that flow and drown you along with the rain<br />
and nobody cares, just some beautiful stranger.. <br />
with a hi & bye.

Beautiful and true to my life as well.

Damn.....never been into poetry but that pretty sums it up. Story of my life.

Thank you, everyone, for your sincere words. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone as a misunderstood Capricorn loner. We must be proud of being Capricorns because we do not cling on to rocks outside of ourselves when we need security; we just keep climbing like mountain goats, as if the only rock to count on was within us. <br />
<br />
I wonder if everyone above has withstood the professional challenges brought during the last three years by Saturn, our ruler. As an educated Capricorn, being unemployed in this recession has been incredibly hard on me personally and professionally. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the depature of Saturn in October.

I think being a Capricorn mean's alot for us capricorn person we are treated differentfly. some people think's of us so weride or smart ,however; we think so much alike and we can use ability to do as we need.

im a Capricorn and the lonliness is true, the goals, and hard work is true but the negatives like cold and no personality I ignore. Look the reason capricorns are introverted is because we are deep in thought 24/7. I learned to express myself freely by being sincere. Don't be an ******* it will get you nowhere. Also caps can be cold because we feel as though I work hard and have everything I could imagine screw you attitudes and like to dominate relationships. So if you learn to understand this and express yourself freely being a Capricorn is the best. Learn to love peace!!!

Capricorns are ugly stupid idiots. hahaah.

How immature; and were the stupid idiots. I 2nd that ha', just less dramatic.

And what's your zodiac sign ? You CAN'T be much better than us because these feelings towards the sign Capricorn are actually feelings towards yourself & your sign. Interesting! :)

Even though its already 2012, I'm still so happy to know that there are other Caps that feel like I feel. I am a Cap too! I really want to share my thoughts as a Cap.<br />
<br />
Having grown up without any Caps or earth signs next me is so painful. I always could not fit in. That got me depressed for a Long time, still. My friends were extremely materialistic and fame-oriented all the time. We actually all are, but I try not to be one.<br />
<br />
I agreed, Caps seem to lure in users and takers. When I realized that I don't need to fit in groups to be happy, I became a loner. I didn't believe it, but it is true that human cannot live alone, at circumstances we have to compromise. I hate that is reality. being a loner for so long is so painful. But I don't regret losing contacts with those kindda people. I think I'm becoming colder inside and out. Making friends just got so difficult, not because I am shy, it is because after many times of being betrayed and hurt, I naturally built a wall between everyone. I couldn't trust, couldn't open to them, and gets uncomfortable when they get too close to the wall i built. So I pushed them away. Now I'm a loner and only friend with nature. Seeing and knowing how ugly people can be makes me feel so sour. And gradually I could only see the ugly sides of the world. Really. I couldn't recall any good sides of people that are important to me. I know that living negatively is so painful on myself, so i am doing something to make myself believe that the world is beautiful. I am going to a lot of places that are beautiful, and seeing alot of happy people. I'm trying to balance my belief that good things in the world has as much as bad things.<br />
<br />
I've forgotten how to be lively. I believe every child is lively, but they changed as they get older. <br />
<br />
Being a Cap is so complicated. I don't know whether I am a sun or moon Cap. But I am an very early Cap, so I have a lot of Sagittarus in me. Cap plus Sag is contradicting because half of me is a dreamer and half is a practicalist. I read somewhere that the biggest challenges for Caps is to balance those, which I still cannot. I'm a very negative Cap. <br />
<br />
I really agree on someone talked about that other people could never understand us: they may be able to read us, but they could never understand us. We are thinkers. Others called me too sensitive, maybe I am. I think about what is the meaning of saying that uncomfortable something to me. They would deny that they hurt me and said I am too sensitive. <br />
<br />
When I am able to clearly see what is right and wrong, and what is moral or not. All those old believes that I am being told and brainwashed with seem so unacceptable. Those people that I used to look up to seem so ugly and rotten inside. All my believes shattered. Someone said that once you've looked at the dark and ugly side under the certain, you could never go back. I really agree on that. Arguing with with them is completely useless. Now I barely talk to them. <br />
<br />
Those people who are so lively and happy and positive all the time has been able to avoid those dark experiences. But I think being a Cap is so hard to do that because we are so attracted to anxiety, fear, negativities, and all those bad things. <br />
<br />
Another thing that other people began to call me, selfish. It is so ridiculous that when you are nice to others and they take is as granted and never be thankful. But when you think for yourself and don't compromise to them, they call you selfish. We are taught it is only right to be nice to people and think for ourselves last, but not long ago I realize this is wrong. Because another way to think about this is call self-love. I always thought that in order to be happy, we have to play nice and live for the smiles and acceptance from other people, but no. We can also live happy by loving and protecting ourselves from other so called friends who hurt us and call us selfish.<br />
<br />
Being a Cap is so hard and sad. I would not let my children born as Caps, and would not brainwash them that the world and people are ugly, and the need to fear this and avoid that. Even though it is true that the world is ugly, I would make them believe that it is beautiful so they they will feel safe to explore.

You just described a lot of things that I have felt in my life. Like you, I did not grow up with Caps. Oh yes, it was difficult, my mom is a fire sign, my dad was a water sign, and my brother is an air sign, so it was hard to find common things. For about five years, I've been noticing that I cannot make friends easily, the only friend that I have is my husband; however, besides him, I don't have any friends, it makes me kind of sad, but it is not easy to find people that share my thoughts, I have spent all of my life trying to agree with everybody to avoid confrontations, but I am tired of it, I just want to be myself. However, when I am myself, I end up arguing with people, I don't know if the problem is me or if the problem is that nobody understands my thoughts. Finally, I agree with you, I don't want my children to be Capricorn, I don't want them to have the same problems that I have had.

I love your thoughts. Stay true to yourself and continue to love you. You deserve as much as everyone else does.

i am capricorn with air, fire signs mixed with planetary. I would like to say I am more moderate, compassionate, friendly,polite. But it is challenge for me to instantly befriend new people. I like to have many friends but I always like to do it slowly and build lasting relationship. Evil side of Capricorn is true. it is hard to bring out my true evil sign but once it comes out, I put myself into a "dont care" mode and it is a pure disaster. <br />
My sister Libra hurt me badly and it has been two years since. I learned that I can be just deadly to loved ones, actually much more cruel to loved ones than stranger when they betray me. When I was unemployed she offered me to live together as a family so I put up with her for 6 months. But for whole 6 months, she has been critisizing at my failures all the time, looking like a **** to me and one sunny day, just told me I should get the **** out of her place because I am parasite. I agreed and left the house with my future uncertain. God forbid I was able to get a job but I swore to do a real harm, big big harm to her. But over the years, my life flourished and prospered, and I have been struggling with the notion that my loved one has to treat me like that. I have found myself unable to forgive but I have softened my stance and decided not to take a revenge, but I have sworn myself to permanently sever my ties with her. No contact with her for 2 years. and I am willing to do so till I die.

I agree with the author of 26th may 2009...<br />
but there is one little but...you all should know one thing...there are 30 days in months....so you have to divide it into 3 parts which means 10 days you get from previous sign, midle 10 days you are pure sign(whatever sign it is) and other 10 days you have to take from the next sign...<br />
for example...sagicor-capricorn-aquarius- <br />
10 days you share with sagicor-,10 days pure capricorn,-10 days share with aquarius....which means those days you share with another sign you have to take in consideration bcs you are not pure capricorn...so that why all weird things happen to you bcs they come from other signs .<br />
Note:<br />
The strongets impact of other signs actually works for 7 days and then 8-10 goes to your exact sign.<br />
Nevertheless 10 days still show impact from both sides of signs you have (whatever it is).<br />
About me:<br />
I am capricorn-sagicor....and it tells a LOT.<br />
I am a socializing person but it has to be 50:50 bcs I need a time for my self.I like partying but not every day or not every weekend. I can handle 2-3 days partying but then I need a relax for probably a week or even months or even more,it depends what partying is ...I love people but I love my self too which means I need a space.<br />
I am very patient and my friends bother me every weekend and working days too for a summer time and now I am getting annoyed even I love them...what I am doing...just guess what...I am isolating myself from them for a while bcs I NEEEEED A SPACE.... so here you can see that for me Capricorn-Sagicor there is a delimma...whether to be with friends or to be by my self...In my deep soul I would prefer to be alone but another side of me says BIG NO to that bcs I love people so I let <br />
my friends bother me but if it,s too much I say no...and then come back to them....Nevertheless I am happy that I have friends that bother me otherwise I would go deep in my cave and that wouldn,t be GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD AT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL...<br />
BTW<br />
there is nothing to do WITH Capricorn and depression..<br />
depression reaches EVERY sign..<br />
it,s a mental state<br />
CAPRICORNS can be funy you have no clue how funy capricorns can be...they are very friendly, playful, loving,forgiving,naive etc.<br />
Pure Capricorn is not a socializing person at all...IT HAPPENS VERY SELDOM THAT THEY ARE but there have to be lots of combinations that make Capricorn to be funy and happy...<br />
I am a happy CAPRICORN<br />
just guess why:<br />
BCS I WANT TO:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I didn't know about the ten days. your information was really interesting. Now I know that I am also a Capricorn- Sagicor : )

yeah I'm capricorn, most people who are lucky to meet me, see me as incredibly complicated, you can read me like an open book but will fail at trying to understand me

I am actually a Capricorn Moon, but I can totally relate to the loneliness, introversion, and frustration with people who don't work towards (or set) their goals. The weird thing is that I'm an air sun sign so I'm naturally a dreamer but won't just sit around and wait for my dreams to be handed to me! <br />
<br />
My mom is a Capricorn sun sign, and we both suffer from people (esp. co-workers) thinking we're a lot more cold and hard-skinned than we really are.

Capricorns can be fun. Being a Capricorn, though, can be pretty lonely at times and other people simply brush us off as loners or "strange" because we don't easily mingle with the crowds. However, I wouldn't blame them, just as you can't really blame other signs for their unique qualities. We're just inherently more prone to working harder to see our goals become reality which often cuts in on socializing..<br />
. <br />
Anyways, I think all zodiac signs experience the same things just in different ways. For example, we all experience love but for a Capricorn, love is a serious and idealistic subject while for, lets say, a Sagittarius or Libra, it may be just another flirtatious affair. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we can't all get along and try and understand each other as Capricorns and everybody else. <br />
<br />
Just because we we're born Capricorns, it doesn't mean we have to fit a mold others want to impose or corner us into. Being born under any sign should be experienced freely, naturally, and to its full potential, and positively too.

Wow! So my loner personality does come from my zodiac? Wow. People are use to my absence, and not answering nor returning their calls, its sad, but just how I am. No beef, I hate small talk, and only want to talk about things of importance., not soap operas (which is depressing). Lol. You all are head on!

We are indeed mysterious and complicated. Sometimes, i feel that being a Capricorn is such a cruel joke. Our depression is not because our cat died or that we have no goals(every Capricorn has goals), our depression bouts are because of our high-introvert and deep, profound thinking and really, want to shield ourselves from man and the harsh, true realities of the real world. <br />
<br />
Other signs look at us and think we are cold, mean and have zero personality. That may be true but inside, there is a ever-lasting candle burning. Fire signs are too selfish and do not understand anyone but themselves. Capricorns tend to be selfish, but this selfishness is NOTHING like a selfish act from an, "Aries, Leo or Sag." <<--all airheads who live today and not for tomorrow. Capricorns live for tomorrow and the future and really understand what being on Earth is all about. <br />
<br />
On the bad side, once a Capricorn embraces the evil, dark nature that everyone Capricorn has inside them(albeit deep and tucked away) we can be the most evil, cruel human ever to roam your life. Once the dark side has been embraced, it's all over for the Capricorn because he'll be in everlasting depression and the coldness will become a glacier onto others. Scorpios takes a backseat with how evil a Capricorn can be. They can also take lessons on how to be tactful and not fly off the handle. This trait the Scorpio has is associated with Mars. Aries too is under Mars and don't you see these fools always flying off the lip and then regretting it later? Then the next day they completely forgot they did that stupid action whereas a Capricorn will NEVER forget the hurt one has done to them...this is why Goats will ALWAYS dominate and destroy a Ram. When Goats beat Rams, they make sure a Ram will understand they lost, and how they lost, and to make sure that they're spirit is CRUSHED so they can LEARN. I hate Fire signs. They all need to wipe their STUPID happy smirks off their faces and learn to be humble and SHUT THE FCK UP. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
-evil Capricorn

As a fellow Cap. As I was reading your brilliant response, My eyes became tranquil inside of your words (because they were so head on, and I hate Aries, well 98% of you). Then outta no where the more I started reading this I started to hear the Star Wars theme music. Lol! Probably was my ego, but lovely post! ;) I agree with everything, people that don't get us are stupid. Opps, did I say that? lol. ( I did)

We are very complicated....but I wouldn't trade my sign for any reason....

I am not outgoing specially with the people that I don't know. probably I am cautious.

yup, we are specil but sometimes its hard being a cap. why? cuz sometimes i like being a goal-oriented person who would do anything to accomplish her dreams but sometimes i just feel like being someone different, someone more outgoing and free-spirited... but that's just me :D

I have goals,hey ,every capricorn have goals,that's why we are special!


I guess when people are depressed it is because they have not set a goal in their lives. I have one now and I feel great

It's strange, i don't believe in horoscope and that, but it's strange how people of the same sign are similar....I hate when people get depressed because they think they are going on cirlces, and they're not even moving.