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Personality Traits of a Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the goat. Capricorns are very ambitious, driven by the need for success, money, position and authority. Their career and succeeding in it is very important to them, so much so that they often prefer to be in charge. But despite their aspirations, they are also very grounded and practical people. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and it is almost as if Saturn realises that time can be short, therefore they are great organisers and planners.

However, Capricorns are also patient and willing to wait for what they want. Despite their intense focus on their goals, they can be very witty. They are cautious when making decisions, especially decisions that involve money. Not only are they good at saving money, but they also know how to make good investments. Their materialistic drive to amass wealth is due to a Capricorn's need for security. They are very proud people, who usually repay kindness but more because they do not want to feel as if they "owe" anyone anything.



Driven as they are, Capricorns are rarely idle. They have faith in themselves more than in other people and realise if something is going to happen, it is going to be because of their doing. Many see this trait as cold, but Capricorns are merely self-sufficient people. Because they realise time is precious, they are great organisers and capable of paying thorough attention to detail.

Capricorns are the most likely sign to marry someone for their money or status in life. Not that marriage will prevent a Capricorn from continuing to be ambitious in his or her own right. But, even when their partner is more financially and socially powerful, Capricorns need to be in control.


Their desire for fame and success, combined with their independent nature and natural inhibition, Capricorns tend to be the loners of the zodiac. Many Capricorns have tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. They disregard everything else - family, friends, even their own emotions - while in pursuit of their goal. They know they have what it takes to complete the job, so the "I don't need you" attitude often turns others off.




Capricorns can be seen as odd by others for various reasons. Most do not understand their need for success, their materialistic tendencies, or their perfectionism. They are often focused on one thing at a time, ignoring all others. They can be bossy and domineering and do not quickly forgive those who have crossed them.

Parts of the Body Ruled by Capricorn

The bones, joints and knees - Capricorns may find they suffer from stiff joints, rheumatism, arthritis and orthopedic problems.



Famous Capricorns


  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Sissy Spacek
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Faye Dunaway
  • Cary Grant


  • Joan Baez
  • Annie Lennox
  • John Denver
  • David Bowie
  • Elvis Presley
  • Rod Stewart


  • Henry Miller
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • J. D. Salinger
  • J.R. Tolkien
  • Edgar Allen Poe

Sports Figures:

  • Muhammed Ali
  • Steve Garvey
  • Larry Csonka
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Joe Frazier


  • Howard Hughes
  • Conrad Hilton
  • Helena Rubenstein
  • Elizabeth Arden


  • Mao Tse Tung
  • J. Edgar Hoover
  • Barry Goldwater
  • Walter Mondale
  • Richard Nixon
  • Martin Luther King

Capricorns are very determined to rise to the top. They will exert all their energy into achieving a goal, sacrificing relationships if needed. They often wear masks to prevent people from seeing the real person they are, but those who take the time will find Capricorns to be loyal and affectionate.

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i find so many similarities with many capricorn people here on EP. i hate being capricorn by the way.

I am a Capricorn male born on January 1st. The best date of birth for Capricorn. Trust me, with over 3,500 celebrities coming from all over the world, both dead or alive. :)
Here's the proof of it :

Capricorns are hard to get to know because they are protecting themselves, just like their opposing sign, Cancer.
But once you earn their trust and they open up, they are amazing. But, If you **** them over, break their hearts by cheating on them, It over for you too lol. They will never trust you again, ever.
The amount of dedication they put towards a goal has always been inspiring to me. They are truly hard workers and their sense of humor is priceless. I love them so much.

so true. we are number 1


//Capricorns are very determined to rise to the top. They will exert all their energy into achieving a goal, sacrificing relationships if needed. They often wear masks to prevent people from seeing the real person they are, but those who take the time will find Capricorns to be loyal and affectionate.//

Hi caps! Im a Taurus!

"Parts of the Body Ruled by Capricorn<br />
<br />
The bones, joints and knees - Capricorns may find they suffer from stiff joints, rheumatism, arthritis and orthopedic problems."<br />
<br />

I married a capricorn - seems you have covered everything that could appertain to each birth sign. Oh by the way I divorced him - nice to have as a friend but not a husband .

Or even Lacy

I'm also Capricorn and don't have an ambitious bone in my body, nor am I hung up on money or status. On the other hand, I am reserved on the surface, but very loyal and loving underneath. I am also very single-minded with tasks, and very methodical in completing them.

Capricorn are the best human you will have arround you,Capricorn from all over the world from differents backgrounds,backdrops,and suffers,only one suit to guess the stranger outhere if they are Capricorn:they are manner/polite/they love phsycals activities and anything busy them they enjoyed life to help and let go when people Mocking them arround.i pig headed when I am my own if someone spying on me.Capriorn are one to trust and one must heard of from every oppurtunities they toungue wouldn't be hestitate to offer help or make a friendly chat to change atmosphere.I am Capricorn I am not happy when it comes to love!i guess politic and stupidities from others get mé into different World i accept

I have an aunt who's our family astrology expert, and she always looks at me and is like "You're lucky, Capricorns age in reverse." and I hope that's true, because I look significantly older than I really am right now.

haha some of that relates to me i guess...........not all of it though hehe but hey were all individuals regardless of starsigns....Isnt it also said that if your date of birth is one day or a number of hours short of the next star sign then you may have qualities and traits close to the next starsign?? ie someone born at 23:57 on january 20th!!! only a few minutes away from aquarius hence the room for inaccuricies in star signs hehe.........well anyway dont quote me on that, but anyway just thought id share!!!!!!!

Finally .. me also

Hey,<br />
I really like this Capricorn guy, but his emotions are soooo hard to read i.e. if he likes me or not. He talks to me alot and we have agreed to meet and go out...however, my question is - I'm not one to push someone to open-up (i've read that could push some capps away too) can i show him that i REALLY like him without overdoing it emotionally!?

I'm not, but I have a daughter who is. My youngest. She is very loving towards her loved ones. <br />
She jumps on the defense quite easily, on the other hand. I don't know if this is typical of Capricorns, or if it's through heredity somehow.

i think its cool, i think its so accurate in the way that caps are seen as loners because i definitly think i hide myself until i know that person well enough to let them see me =) us caps are also very ambitious go us =)

lilycue I havent had these probs as of yet but I'm sure it will probably get me in a few years! :D

Ooooh loved reading it.. as a Capricorn myself AND an astrology expert and addict.. lol, so thank you for the read! =)

I'm a Capricorn do any of you Capricorns suffer from the stiff joints,rheumatism,arthritis,I certainly do,it's my biggest health concern!!

Yep I'm like that too SeaAngel! It sucks sometimes but I guess there are worse traits to be had!

I am a Cap. Yeah! I find myself seeing some of the negative traits, like walking around with a worried, introspective look on my face, because I am concerned about one of my patients, or my children, or a friend , I have such empathy for people that it sometimes torments me! Just wondering if anyone else has that. I have actually 'called' a Cappie before just by the inward look of worry on their face!

That oddly like me....I love my family and all but somtimes my goals gets in the way of my feelings and others and I find myself with the " you need to stop thinking about yourself so much' talk.

You forgot Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, both of whom I share a birthday with, hmmmm.... what does that say about me?

I share mine with J. Edgar Hoover, lol---

I have found most descriptions of Capricorns to be pretty accurate to my personality, and the first time I actually read one I thought "whoa, pretty cool!" There's little pieces of some descriptions that aren't exact, but most descriptions I find to be greatly true to me. I've always been an independent person, motivated by success, and fairly stubborn headed. I'm not huge into astrology, but it's kinda fun to learn about to learn about.

I got it off the internet, sure I know it's just a small part of what Capricorns are or can be, but am I supposed to just put a piece 8foot long here or what? want me to delete the damned thing! I knew there was a reason I haven't been coming here so often recently - can't post a thing without someone having a little dig FFS!

I wonder where you got your information? Its just a fragment of the Capricorn whole...the stereotype really. Its easy for Caps to think they've been born under the wrong sign when they read this kind of description because the Cap is so much more, much more loving and self-sacrificing. And if the Caps goal is a loving, nurturing relationship then all the "career-oriented" drive for success gets channeled into the relationship. The Caps heart is bigger than this description implies.

LOL :)

Me three

Me too.

ima capricorn too.