I Find Most Of The Time I Look Confused !!

Do any of you other Cap's ever feel like veryone thinks you are extremely confused??

i always always always have the expression on my face that i have absolutley no idea what is going on..

but truly i am quite aware of what is going on :P most of the time i know what is going on it just doesnt look like it :P

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This was a constant issue during my military service. Having snap reactions is a big thing in some situations, and when you are processing every little thing you can often be overrun with sensory overload while the mob around you is doing ten things the wrong way at once. Combat arms doesn't want thinkers, they want doers, you will very rarely get noticed for the good ideas you do have. I've also been accused by complete strangers at least three times in my life for no apparent reason that I looked like I was going to kill someone by complete strangers when I am completely serene.

This Cappy gets " you looked puzzled" a lot and often described as aloof. My b'day falls in the second week of Jan. They don't know just how acutely I'm aware and the puzzled look is reaction to the alarm(s) bells going off and being keen to that something is up or not right. Or, I really am puzzled because I didn't understand what was being said and lastly..I'm puzzled because I zoned out probably to run through my mental to do list and be sure things are in order so I can relax for a minute.

I've been told (or I get the vibe) that I look either confused, angry, or sad generally. *shrugs*<br />
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I think it's true what vaylorie said about zoning out though... I do that a lot. haha

Well people have told me that I look as if I were nervous, in fact they always tell " are you a nervous person?" I don't know why, I am just listening and paying attention to all my surroundings.

Not at all. People often tell me I look angry. You do look pretty confused though.

I know what you're talking about!<br />
I've been asked so many times in my life... it makes me feel like people underestimate me.

hmmmm .. confusion is not a typical trait of Caps that I know of?? <br />
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Most Caps are quite the opposite, they are so focused on goals they just zone out on mudane things! Wonder if this is more of what is happening with you?

Hmmm I've been told I looked confused a lot, but I'm a Gemini.