I Am a Caregiver

I am a caregiver to my elderly grandparents. My grandmother is 91 and my grandfather will be 84 in July. My grandmother has COPD and my grandfather is slow mentally. He's actually my step-grandfather but that's a whole other story.

They weren't being treated fairly where they were in Tennessee so I packed them up and moved them to Texas with me. I take care of them both full time now.

It's a very trying situation as my grandparents have since made nice with the daughter (my aunt) that tried to separate them and treated them so badly.

I will be writing plenty more about this.

deadredhead deadredhead
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1 Response Jun 19, 2007

I know how hard it is i helped my parents take care of my paternal grandma while i was in high school and she always told me how good my cousins who never came and seen her were