CARING For Someone We Love.

My name is Isabel from Melbourne, Australia. The insperation  why I build my site is my husband John. I am new at doing this, but as I learn hopefully will improve in the future & looks much better & nicer.For me this is very imotional to do this.Which is also intended to be viewed by public.I worked hard to build my home online.To remind me of what's going on. Nearly 7 months now since the operation, Currently his on clinical trials for drug cancer. Just feel free to read,  And Please Kindly sign MY GUESTBOOK:  I hope you enjoy browsing, That find something interesting that you might like and comeback often.The images, poems, quotes, ecards, lyrics &  other graphics is collected from various public domain.

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Medical Diary: 4 weeks severe headache, CT SCAN 26/3/07. MRI 27/3/07. SURGERY followed.

Schedule: RADIATION for 6 weeks 1/5/07 - 15/6/07 & CHEMO & others appointments.

Clinical Trials:  6 Months,  Involve treatment w/ Temozolomide & Caelyx combination Chemotherapy .  Given every 28 days (4 weeks) in treatment cycle. Recieve a maximum of 6 cycles of treatment.  TEMOZOLOMIDE is given in capsule & CAELYX  will administerd through a drip.  31 July 2007 ----1st. drip27 August  2007  2nd drip24 September 2007 3rd drip.  4rth drip this month , MRI 17/10/07 .                                                                                                            

My husband was diagnosed with Brain Tumour 7 months this coming end of october called GBM Multiforme is a high grade (grade 1V) it's malignant. Seing him strong,  physically fit and healthy his agony is killing me. It's out of the blue, He has been through alot. I am really touch by his courage, patient and positive outlook in life.His determination of to cheer up other people make you wonder, umm this man is ok. But slowly I can see he change a lot. He is a good husband and a friend. I am finding it very difficult to believe he is dying that sooner or later his going to leave me. All I can do is give him all the love  and tender loving care and be there for him.

Currently his on clinical trial for 6 months, and still have  2 months to go. I.V. drips Chemo,  done in hospital and capsule taken  at home. We both ugry on this trials,  at least we try all the best and other options. I want to let the world know how lucky I am. I have wonderful husband.

People out there Readers & have experience as mine , It helps me realize that there are people  understand.  I am lost without him,  and he will be there for me. To you people out there who are in pain or suffering from this desease we share and join together on this experience. there are lots of mixed emotions. I'm not alone on this journey. 

Thank you .


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Thank you, Isabel, for sharing your story and the URL to your website. I hope everything turns out well for your husband and that you enjoy many wonderful years together. He is lucky to have such a wonderful wife.<br />
<br />
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...MaMegabyte

Hi Isabel. I'm touched by your story, I can appreciate what you're going through. I have a brain tumour and it's been a complex experience for me and those close to me. It's been difficult at times, but it has changed my perspective of life and I realise how precious and special it is. Best wishes to you xx