I Am Grateful For Another Day

My husband is disabled, we just got home from the E.R. He's feeling better but the DR can't seem to find a cause for his illness. He's been sick for years but lately it's been getting worse. The complaints about his pain is almost constant now. I try my best to be positive and do all I can, but it's not helping and I feel useless. The negative descriptions of his pain and depression are starting to get me. It's hard to concentrate and I haven't been able to do any artwork or run, 2 or my fav things. I feel so bad and so terribly selfish for complaining about my feelings I don't know what to do. I say my prayers daily I ask for strength and patience and understanding. I came across this website by accident, I hope someone can relate. I hope I'm not going nuts. Anybody out there? Thanks for listening.

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Hi, I know exactly what you're going through, my wonderful husband has been trying to tell his dr's that something was wrong for years! He was told by many that he was exaggerating, by a few that the pain he told them about was in his head and by one (very unlucky) surgeon that the lump he has been referred about wasn't really there & that our gp was "only giving him painkillers to humour him." I say unlucky because we immediately phoned our gp & repeated that comment...... He called the hospital and could apparently be heard through 2 closed doors telling the surgeon what he though of him ;-)

Anyway, finally after 5 years they have admitted that he is ill, too I'll to work & that he needs a carer. He has something called Dercums Disease. Have you looked at a website on Fat Disorders? Really wierd question I know, but my husbands illness causes obvious tumours but it also causes pain throughout his fat layer, they think it's a form of rhuematism in the fat layer.

Not sure if this is any help as I obviously am not a dr, and don't know his symptoms, but if that sounds familiar then I would like to help someone else not struggle through the horror of having no clue what was happening and knowing that the dr's were just as clueless.

If you ever want to talk, please let me know xx

think many of us have gone thougt the feeling you are having at this time.

i use the word kids a lot but to me it is any one younger then me so i guess most of the owrld has to abe a kid to me

the 2 i care for one is now 52 and the others is 47 both have cp with other complications they also havebeen with me now for over 20 years

we becaqme friends when i was working at a state hopsital and the writting was on the wall it would soon be closing and i did not want them to go to group homes to live out they ifes

most of the ones they grew up with are now dead

i call them monster and there are i have made them that way both are very spoiled

but this time of years is very hard on may=ny others too

i check here a few times aday and always willing to talk with others

i also have to deal with medical issue i have due to something they called friendly fire at age 19

Hi dear friend.I am sorry you are feeling drained as a caregiver.Sorry for you husband's state.I am always here on ep and if there are anything or anytime you need sometime to talk to i am here.I have been a caregiver since a little girl.Now i am been cared by my soulmate.I am 61 and have many health challenges.EP friends and members challenges shared in their stories helped me to learned and know there are others wrst than me.Keep up your spirit and you did not cme t ep by accident like me.We were lead here by higher powers for a purpose.MERRY CHRITMAS

i am out here,

sometmes i really wonder about dr and what they do.

still working to get a kid better after last year when a dr from the local er sent her home a week later she was near death.

funny the dr knew she had an infection of 28000 and snet her home saying it was her teeth

it was not she had lost one lung do to infection was as losing the other one do to the same thing

28 day later she was basice sent home to die with lots of tubes and new life support device

she is now down to only one tube that being a feeding tube, she is well back on her way to being a monster again, they even took her trach out a few months later and these kids as a rule never lose a trach