Unexpected Sorrow

I am my daugters care giver. My daughter is 27 years old she has systemic lupus.


My daughter was dx with Lupus when she was 12 years old. But as a baby three months old she had this angry rash that got worse when ever I breast fed her. I took her to the pediatrician and after testing he told me that her immune levels were very high. Becuase my immune levels were high also he thought ot best that I stop nursing her because with the elevated levels that I had I was bombarding her system with too much so she was having a reaction from the high levels. As soon as I stopped nursing the rash cleared some what but always her skin was very reactive. Maybe even then she was showing signs of a immune disorder so small she was.


She was a freshmen in the university and one day she riding her bike and she just fell off. I thought that was strange. She has been in remission since she was 13 years old happy healthy and energetic. She always was so adgile such good balance. She went and did just about anything athletic her body was a fine tuned machine. I can remember running to help her get up. She looked so tired and shakey. She had to cancel her dinner invitation and after i cleaned her up she slept for the remainder of the day. The next day she looked sick worn out tired.  She had to drop out of school and she decided maybe a little part time job would be within her ability but before too long she began sleeping all the time. Finally my other daughter convinced her to go to the doctor. And after many blood test she was dx with systemic lupus. Two years later it became lift threateninglupus and it has been that way since.

She is home bound now still fighting for her life every day. The only way I can help is care for her bathe her fix food for her. I can do so little for my child. She has cheated fate a couple of times now. But she is getting tired. I hope she keeps fighting. You never know what life has instore for you.






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1 Response Mar 19, 2010

i think as long as she fights she will live.<br />
<br />
i know with the 2 i take care of you can see them fight each day<br />
<br />
but some day that will change maybe the pain gets to bad we do not know mine can not even talk it is always a guess as to what is going on