Mums Mental Illness

my mum suffers frm a mental illness called bipolar. it causes her to go frm extreme mainia/ over the top happiness/great imagination to extreme deppression/anxiety/suicide irratic behaviour. she was diagnoised at the age of 44 and now is 67. ive been lookn after her for about 15 yrs. she has been medicated since her diagnosed. but had many yrs of trail of different meds. in the last 14 yrs has been goin very well wth her meds.iv been through so much stress wth her anxieties and today she stressed me out again and i just feel im so sick of being a fulltm miss do everthng at any time of the day. ive soooo had enough of feeling guilty if i do anything for myself. my mum and i are very close, but i need a life of my own and im afraid i may never hv that. and im also a carer for my 8yr old son who has autism. so yes a life and time for me doesnt sound good
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Seems to me you could be in need of a friend

so what did i do wth this stress my mum gave me. i went n had a f.....n binge (as i have bulimia ) why because the only thng i seem to br able to do for myself except im killing myself by doin ths and i hate doin it. i just seem so consumed by my comminments to caring for my mum. ive had enough . i dont like my life.