I hate my job. But at the same time I absolutely love it. I love the elderly people, they're so sweet. And even though they have bad dementia and other problems that cause them to be unable to communicate and function like us younger people, they still all have such strong personalities.
When I can make one of them smile, it makes my day. They're all just so amazing.
One of my favourites is a woman who gets really panicked, especially after dinner. I am always happy to be able to help her calm down, because I know what it's like to have anxiety. She is so sweet! Today one of the nurses asked her if she wanted to join recreation time after dinner with some of the other residents. She looked terrified when the nurse asked her. She looked at me and I smiled and gave her an encouraging nod. She relaxed, smiled back, and agreed to join. Best moment of my day by far :)
Rosaalie Rosaalie
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That is awesome that you can have that effect on people!

Loved the elderly since I was a kid. My mom used to work as a nurse, so I'd always be around them. There's one person I'll never forget. His name was simon. He was the sweetest old man you could meet. Every time I came to my moms job, he'd have a piece of candy for me. He'd pat my head and tell me this is yours and only yours if you keep coming here to see me☺️. Fell in love with the elderly since then.