Caretaker Forever

It started in the early 1980's when my brother became ill with heart disease.  There was about 7 years difference in age between us but I tried to comfort him during his last days and to make him as comfortable as possible.  He was only 42 when he passed from heart disease but he had the misfortune of having hodgkins disease in his early 20's also.  So, being the little sister, I tried to comfort him during his last days bringing books, treats and just giving him moral support whenever needed.  I would have liked to have thought I made a difference before he passed. I sure hope I did.

Then, in the late 80's my mom had a massive stroke on the left side of her body which left her paralyzed partially on her left side.  During this time I tried to help my wonderful Dad in caretaking mom whether it be daily baths, house chores or bringing over home made meals.  I would like to think I made a dfiference...I sure hope so.

Then in 1990, my Dad (the other caretaker) developed the dreaded disease diabetes.  His left foot had to be amputated before he passed.  I would like to think I made a difference especially on that horiffic day...I sure hope so.

Next it was my roommate, a young vibrant lady of 50 who unfortunately died while I was living with her of alcoholism.   She made me promise that I would take her beloved pup, Shadow.  I promised and still have her.  She (my friend)  had seizures, and toward the end, I would like to think I made a difference...I sure hope so.

Now, it is a co-worker who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which just spread to her liver.  I try to stop and see her (she is 55) and because she is in so much pain, she is heavily sedated.  She rarely answers the door.  I would like to think I made a difference...I sure hope so.

It appears that it is my call in life to be a caretaker.  It appears that the job is forever.  I would like to think I make a difference in this hard cruel world, I sure hope so.

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Thank you BonnieBelle. I really appreciated your loving comment. This is a particularly difficult time in my life so I feel fortunate to be able to put down on paper my experiences and share same with my friends at EP.<br />
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Hope to talk with you soon.<br />
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You are a strong woman. And as hard it is, you are a loving care giving person. Their soul will bless you. Your EP friends are proud of you.