I found out I was a carrier of DMD on my birthday this past year. My husband I were thinking of trying for kids as soon as we could. I have been trying to see if I was a carrier since I was young. I now know I am and my husband and I are trying to find alternate routes of having biological kids before we adopt. There is much they can do at a fertility clinic and wondering if anyone has experience with what goes I or knows someone that does. I'm 24 and hopefully fertile so pregnancy of a healthy baby should come quick when we start the process.
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What process did you have to go through to find out you were a carrier? They thought my brothers was spontaneous but it turns out it isn't. I'm 21 and want to have children but I want to know if I'm a carrier first.

I had a blood test done to find out if there was a MD marker in my DNA. Since I was the first in my family to be tested the blood test took longer. Since your brothers have MD, which I'm sorry to hear, they should more easily be able to test their markers against yours. I would link up with your local Mda and set up an appointment with a genetic counselor for the test and further guidance to your specific mutation. Hope this helps and good luck!

Hi I have got 2 children, I had to have cvs to determine the sex of the child and then further tests and I have had terminations because I had boys with this condition. I have a son who is fine but I also have a daughter who is a carrier, but she there is 5% less chance of her having symptons like I have got.