My Cat

i have an adult male cat who is cranky if i wake him up early in the morning...
However, he believes its his right to start bugging me at around 6 am untill i wake up at around 7. One of the first things i do once i'm up is prepare his food which he eats in a few seconds, and then, much to my frustration... he just goes back and sleeps.
He loves being around other humans, especially the ladies, not so much the men. He doesn't like children and he doesn't like other pets.
He doesn't like to share me with anybody or any other cat and gets really upset when i dont pay attention. He is funny and lovable. He is a big cat with a nice little tummy. He loves to be kissed and brushed! Oh God does he love being brushed! two of his favourite things are being brushed and of course, cat nip!!!!
i love him to bits!
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1 Response May 1, 2011

I have a little calico like that, she only has 3 legs, but boy is she feisty. She won't let the other cats near me at night. I have two Siamese who like being brushed, and then Mouse, will sneak up at night, look to see where Annie is at, and sleep wrapped around my head. I woke one night to Annie growling, she was sitting on my chest, after a few moments, Mouse got up and moved back to the cat tree and Annie moved back down to my feet and went to sleep.
The only cat she will not mess with is Mike, at 22 pounds, he is the undisputed boss cat of the house. Mike is the one in my Avatar.