My Kitty

i live with a cat in my room. i absolutely love her. her name is Luna and she's my baby. i can not sleep with out her. she sleeps like a human underneath the covers. it's so precious. she makes me happy. she knows when i'm upset and shes there to cuddle with me.
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dude chill the **** out. i don't really care for your opinion so please shove it as far up ur *** as it can go.

You said it! People should respect each other's individuality. Just my two cents.

That's ghey

Cats? why? They are selfish, lazy, pyschizo, animals. They only come to you to get petted or scratched. Kittens are fun, but then they grow up to be cats. And housecats? that is cruelty, doubled. First is is cruel to confine an animal to the house. For its own safety or whatever, it is an animal and has the right to be able to go outside. Then its cruelty to ones self. I do not care how good it is and/or how often you you change the kittly litter. House Cats stink up the house. If you own one your nose has already become accustomed to the smell and you don't notice it. But a non-cat owner can smell it the moment they walk through your door.<br />
I can tolerate with an outdoor cat if I must but will not have one in my house.<br />
<br />
Dogs on the other hand, actually love you. They love you unconditionally, no matter your mood. They are happy just to be with you. They show it too. Not with the cool icy stare of a cat but with excited happiness. Jumping for joy tail wagging the dog happiness.<br />
<br />
Sorry, I am not a cat person. I am doggy to the end.

That's so sweet, i have a blonde labrador who sleeps with me every night, he sleeps at the end of my bed he'll stay in same spot all night