I Love My Cat

I only have 1 cat, but she is so much company, ad she will run through the house at different times, and jump clear up on top of the refeigerator, and then the counter, and then on my lap, and start all over again. She usually does this 3 or 4 times a day, and she walks around outside on the leash. She is a little angel and has saved my life on a few occasions. She is so much fun, and she can be really funny at times too.

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2 Responses Jun 9, 2008

One night i was sleeping and my Blood Sugar dropped too low. I am diabetic, and she was sleeping with me, and I starte sweating and getting really shaky. She pawed at my mouth and bit my nose, and finally i woke up, and realized my Blood Sugar was to low. i got up and checked it, and had to drink some orange juice, and eat something. She was on my lap until it went back up, and then we fell asleep again. Then on another night I had a bloody nose. I had blood all over my pillow and nightshirt, and she woke me up then too. I went to the doctor and and had a Protime done and my blood was way too thin. I had to get a vitamin K shot that day and had to have my nose packed because it was still bleeding when i went to doctor. She is a very loving and amazing cat.

I was more a dog lover, until I got my two rescue cats...the elder gal is Athena, who paws my face when I try to sleep and Jasmine--a beautiful grey/white tiger, who has surprisingly sharp claws, as the marks on my hand testify...sounds like your cat is a pistol and very lively...has she actually saved your life? I'm curious;--how so?