Cat-lady, In A Good Way.

No I'm not crazy, and yes I have been in relationships. But I do love cats! Cat lovers have a different type of dedication. It is well-known that cats are not nearly as affectionate as dogs, but we love them just as much :) My angel, Holly, was the best cat! I called her my first-born, and she was my baby. We lost her a few years ago (she got really sick), but we gave her the best life we could! I spoiled her, I admit. I love her still, and miss her all the time. But I'll always have cats, and love them all like family.
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1 Response Jul 28, 2012

i like cats too i have a wild cats from saudi arabia and i give them funny names and the best part is when i called them they know who they are,my friends ask how i do it and you know what i also bath them,my british boss who buy kitekat sardense by boxes love the orange colored cat which i name garfield and he was so big that you can think is a kind of minx cat,only 2 man can carry this cat me and my boss just imagine how those arabs react to see the british boss carry it as his pets and the arabs dont like hairy animals except horse i think...<br />
in my house i also have and even plan to buy another when i finally stay home.