I Think My Cat Talks To Me

We have two cats: Lady Jade 3 1/2 yrs old, and Shadow Big Boy 1 1/2 yrs old. Both look alike: grey tabby cat. Jade is the proper one n walks around like she is the Queen of England!!! While shadow is a laid back, smoothe, easy going dude that likes everyone. But I think he just might be more than he lets on!!! I swear he is tryin to talk to me. He will come up to me, sit by my side and start talking. Sometimes he does this when he wants something....espically going outside. Then he will go at it n go to the door n pull his leash off the door knob. Yes, he walks on a leash. whereas Jade doesn't want anything to do with the outside world!!! Shadow will climb on the bed....get next to my head and start his talking as soon as he hears the alarm go off!!! Then I have to rub his belly n pet him for about 10 minutes. He also like to sit on my lap while i'm on the computer...and talk!!! I joke with my wife that I think he is one of my dead relatives that came back as a cat!!!! Both our cats are great!! Each has their own personality that we learned to deal with. Nothing bad just two different attitudes. When my wife was recovering from her stroke she had to stay in a rehab center for 6 weeks. Both cats missed her, but Shadow was the one that had me open all the doors so he can see if Donna was there. This was a daily routine had to go through. If I leave he gets in the widow and watches until I return!!! Then he will go to the front door n jump up on me when I come in. Jade will walk over to me do a few meows n go about her business. Shadow loves to ride in the car n will sit in the passenger's seat if my wife isn't with me, otherwise he will lay in the back seat. He likes to listen to rock n roll music too!!! Don't put rap on cuz he will get out of hand.....he growls!!! Now Jade she likes to watch Sponge Bob!!!! She will sit there watching the tv until the show goes off!! Our cats are family members and very wonderful company. When our 18 month old granddaughter comes over she plays with Shadow. He lets her do whatever she wants with him. When he has enough he will just walk away. But Jade hides....she doesnt want anything to do with kids, or strangers! The most amazing thing about both cats is that they both like pop corn.....and will sit next to you while you watch a movie, or tv....as long as you got pop corn to give them!!! I think Shadow is trying to tell me something now...cuz he is o my lap while i'm typing this. Meow, meow, meow!!!
tommytee47 tommytee47
61-65, M
Aug 17, 2012