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Oh my gosh this is so funny!

This is blatant speciesism!

Probably also religism and catitonicisms

LMAFO!! No that's a bad Mr. Kitty no making pentagrams while cleaning ur self!!

It's amazing how easy it was to find a whole bunch of cat pentagram images on the web.

This one was my favorite though... http://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5941162/il_fullxfull.332785656.jpg

I've often wondered why such utterly useless animals always seem to outwit us

Useless? You've obviously never been loved by a cat.

Cats are completely impractical animals, yet they regard human beings as staff. I've heard it said that they protect people from attacks by sparrows, and there might be some merit in that, but it's unproven

... although since having cats I've never actually been attacked by sparrows, I must admit

If you met my cat, you might change your mind ^_^

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That is PRICELESS. Thank you Dente. I always called it "drumstick in the air". Who knew?

anything for my fav kitty

Brilliant! I always knew there was a very good reason I love cats!

you know that explains a lot.