She Picked Me

I live in an atypical apartment complex that allows pets.

New neighbor with cat move in. One day cat is out on top of fence. Cat and I make eye contact and my heart gets sucked out and right into that little furry kitty diva.

Days go by, kitty starts greeting me when I come home from work and waking me up meowing outside my apartment. We sit outside and I brush her and talk to her and play with her. She comes in to visit, picks her sleeping spots, and makes me get up to let her in and out.

In the meantime, neighbor gets a dog. Kitty (who seems to like all the other little dogs in the complex) hates her canine roommate.

Kitty starts spending nights here. I talk to my neighbor so I am not accused of stealing kitty. Neighbor doesn't care one bit (probably a sign why kitty is clinging to me).

I buy kitty stuff to make her visits more comfortable. Cat brush, cat bed, cat toys. I am so pwned by this cat, it isn't funny. It’s like my will is no longer my own...

I get a little box, the best cat food, and a cat flap to relieve me of door duty/worrying about kitty outside when I am not at home.

I think about moving from the complex for my own reason$, but have a category 5 crying fit because well, kitty owns my heart and I can't bear to leave her. I cannot recall crying about ANYTHING for decades beforehand and yet, there I was, bawling like the freaking world was coming to an end over leaving the neighbor's cat.

Then comes the dreaded day when the neighbors tell me they are moving. The day I have had more than a few nightmares about. I am bracing myself for bad news, "manning up" so I don't start crying, and wondering if therapy for depression may need follow.

Neighbor says kitty is happier with me, would I like to keep her...

I had to let that sink in for a moment.

Gobsmacked does not being to describe by reaction to that moment.


Fast forward to today, kitty runs my life. She lost her outdoor privileges after a possible poisoning episode, has more toys than I do, needs to lose weight (er, I need to stop spoiling her) and in all ways, makes life better.

Now bear in mind, I have not had a fur person in my life for over 2 decades and had no intention of getting a furry roommate. At first the thought of being responsible for this little furry life scared the crap out of me. What if I do something wrong?

I grew up with dogs (my father hated cats). I have had "cat people" tell me I am not a "cat person".

But there is an adorable fuzzy kitty sleeping on her tower behind me who says I am 100 percent cat person, that I make a very good cat slave, and pretty decent heated cat furniture.

Even though I am paying her "pet" rent and buying her "pet" stuff, I do not consider her any kind of property. I do consider myself responsible for her well-being, but she is her own person. We are both adults (albeit different species) and consider her my friend.

I do wish I had some kind of universal translator so I could understand what she is saying to me when she gets talkative. Or given what a sassy kitty diva she is, maybe not.

Did I mention that I love this cat?
topazsky topazsky
51-55, F
Jan 6, 2013