The Crazy Cat Lady

Cats are the most awlsome creatures to walk this earth.  Every single cat I owned made my life worth living.  My family and I own twenty two cats all together.  I lost one of my girls almost a year ago to a mysterious illness that caused her immune system to kill her red blood cells.  There was nothing we could do for her and I'm still extreamly heart broken over her death.  My other cat was her best friend and she still misses her.  They always curled up with each other in life.  Both of my cats were beautiful calicos.  Sadie was a true calico and the other one was a pale calico.  I call her my grey nosed little beast.  I cannot use her name for security reasons.  She is my only girl left now.  I will get another cat when I get myself together and move into another apartment.  My grey nosed little beast is the most affectinate people cat I've ever known.  She's almost human to me.  Check out all of my cat pictures.  They can be very entertaining.  I can't even imagine my life without a cat.  I lived with cats since the day I was born.  All of the other cats my family has owned in the past have lived very long lives.  My parents had to put two of their cats down this year.  They were old and died of cancer.  Lucky was almost fifteen and Dutchess was 18.  My sister has a cat that has kidney diease.  My whole family is heart broken about that one.  She is only 7 years old, but she is doing very well right now.  She has to give her potassiom twice a day to keep her going.  I'm so thankful that there are so many cat lovers in the world like myself.  I would take in every cat in the world if I could, but I can only do what I can do with what I have.  This women I use work for told me that I was crazy because I lived with cats.  She told me that a certain chemical that cats give off make people crazy.  She only told me this because she wasn't a cat person.  All she talked about was how much she hated cats.  I ended up cussing her out in front of a customer when she would not give my last paycheck to me.  Even though I'm bipolar and I do a lot of outlandish things I will never, ever be sorry for cussing her out.  That was the most rewarding experience of my life.  I wish an extreamly painful and agonizing death on anyone who abuses animals.  Thanks for listing.
skyfyii skyfyii
31-35, F
Jun 26, 2010