The Truth About Cats And Dogs

I think personality types can be divided into canine and feline. Not just in what type of pet you prefer but the qualities of the animal themselves. I am a definite cat. I am lazy, I love to be petted, and if you make me happy I will purr for you.

Perhaps because I relate to them, I prefer them to dogs and have always had them as pets. Don't get me wrong. I like dogs. And I like dog people. But I don't want a dog.

I currently have two kittens residing with me after a long hiatus from pets and they are a constant source of joy.
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I like cats a lot. I had the worlds best and most loving cat. I have had a lot of kitties. But I have some dog in me. For instance I'll probably lick you if we ever meet. Of coarse that can be attributed to the cat in me also.

I love all animals but cats are my favorite. I have several of them and can't imagine life without them. Some people may think it's strange for a guy, and a relatively masculine one at that, to be so fond of cats, but I don't give a damn. I'm proud to be a cat daddy.

I am a cat person....I like their looks, their intelligence, their "aloofness", their refusal to be "controlled."

I am glad you are a cat. I am a dog person, or what my family in Nottingham would say that I am "Dogie". I have had lots of dogs, and cats as pets in my life, I even once had a cat that would sleep on my back all night. I miss all of my past pets, may it be dog or cat, living or passed on. Yet all of them live on in my hart and memories. Right now, because of where I live, I cannot have a pet and that hurts a lot. So can you purrrrr for me every now and then?

will you Purrrr! for me?

*stretches and purrs*

I would definately pet your *******. I'm a dog person, or at least was until my 13 week old Golden destroyed my new oakley sunglasses during lunch today. TG for warranties!

I agree with this 100%!