Apple Kristine The Cat We Saved

i have a cat and her name is Apple Kristine, she is an orange tabby cat and she is adorable, but she has a cleft lip, we rescued her and her twin brother, her brothers name is Jeffery Tangerine, and if your wondering who came up with the names it was me when i was like 9 years old, so any way it started when my other cat Grace had her first litter of kittens and my mom and older cousin com home with a box with a thin blanket in the box, its in the middle of winter, and i walk in the room and i see my dad arguing and my fat cousin is laying on the bed smoking a cigarette, so i hear my mom say "i dont know what we should do with them" and so i ask "whats wrong mummy?" and she doesnt speak but she lays the box onto the bed and i lean over to take a look and i saw them, 2 ugly kittens who were close to freezing to death, Jeffery was in the worst state he was groaning like he was in pain, both of his eyes were stuck closed with some sort of crusty substance, they were very skinny and malnourished for kittens, and Apple only had one eye stuck closed and i wanted to hold one so i reached for Jeffery but mom didnt want me holding him because he was in bad shape, so she handed me Kristine and she looked at me with that one big green eye, the most beautiful eye, i just love her she is so sweet and we were able to get Grace my other cat to nurse them, we fed them, got them veterinarian help and they had a chance to life, because we found them non the side of the road, later on Jeffery ran away and we never saw him again, but Kristine is still here and she is the most funny cat, although she has trust issues with humans so you have to move slow around her otherwise she will jump up 10 feet in the air and run away, but i love her and all animals.....
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I think you and I share a special place in our hearts for kittens...having traded pics in that subject a little....glad you rescued that one!