I love cats since I was about seven, when I got my first cat. My mother loved animals a lot, and we always had animals at home, a dog, a rabbit, a sea pig, and a cat. But it happened I had such a connection with the cat, I wanted one more. When the rabbit died my mother adopted another cat, who became my cat. I 've had, Tilou, Tina, Pupuce, Diabolo, Twist, Scully (who's still alive but with my ex now), and now Nougat, Truffe, Cannelle and Chili, yeah I have four : ) We understand each others. And I must say it's not true that cats aren't affectionnate, they are, you just have to respect their independence, and rebellious side (both sides that I LOVE), and they love you. All of my cats are very cuddly. I have such a chemistry with them, more than with some humans (not all, but lots of them). I can say they saved my life. I was up to no good, and the fact of taking care of them daily, and all the FREE love they brought me, saved me from doing just whatver, and drinking. It's a responsability of course, but I've been so much rewarded by their love, and the way they are faithful to me and our home.
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May 25, 2012