I think all my life I have been attracted to cats and.
Sadly during my childhood I had to make do with cat outside my home. Half of my family being allergic to furry beasties.

It is only when I finished University, that I made the move.
Xenia comes from the a third floor flat and with her three Years of age had never been out any further but the Balcony.

A family had bought Xenia for their children who after three Years lost interest.
The first time I touched her I thought she is has the softest fur I have touched.

The first two days she would not eat any food, so I sat myself next to her and she had the whole bowl. Ever since Xenia she is in the habit of eating when I have my dinner.
She follows me most of the time like a dog, if she is not sleeping and loves to cuddle up close.

I have spend many lonely times in her comfort.
The experience of having a cat as companion has turned out even more rewarding, than I ever could have imagined.
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thats nice