My Cat.

 Chased birds for 4 hours straight this morning in my window while I attempted to sleep. It would have been cute if I actually gone to bed before 6am but I didn't. All I could see was a little Siamese head bobbing up and down and on occasion a cat fly up the window attempting to attack the birds on the other side who were teasing her. I honestly think birds tease my cat on purpose, I think they plan these schemes to make her look dumb.....honestly I do. My cat always looks and seems smart until she gets going after birds in my window....

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I love cats!!!! <br />
My kitty cat is a chartreaux and she is the most expensive breed on the earth! if you got her from a breeder they cost 10 thousand bucks, but I got her from a pet shop in Dayton Ohio and she is the best kitty ever. they could not sell her because she has a dot of white on her belly. She is all gray and kindo f a silky, shiny smooth gray and has dark circles on her tail and she has tabby markings on her head. her head feels like velvet and she sleeps on my top bunk and sleeps all day long. she coos and chirps like a dove and she yips and squeaks when she is super happy. she is petted nearly every day and sometimes hse is overpetted. My cat frances loves boxes and yarn. she will jump out of the box and run around in circles. she acts just like a dog! she even sleeps like a dog or a sphinx or whatever. My cat is special and my dad always says there is none better. she's a cute kitty too.

Cats are so darn funny aren't they?!

mine too :)