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I love cats more than anything. I will always have one. They are the best animals ever. They're just so cute and so loyal you really can develop a connection with a cat. They don't cause a lot of problems, they are just quiet and there when you need them.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

hi ! like my kitties ! :-) mine can be quite verbal ! lol ! :-)

Hi, Joanie4: I can relate to your comment, for sure! I've always loved animals, but more in tune with cats, since childhood. When I was in Alaska from 1990 to 1995, I adopted two cats from the same litter. Then I brought them home to my Mom's mobile home in NH. Whiskers was 16 when she pased away on my lap on a Christmas Day, a few years ago. Frisky turned 17 in 2008, and passed away while I was gone on a volunteer trip. There was such a bond between us. Now, I have two, 3 year old cats, Lilly and Gabby (not flesh and blood sisters, but have grown up together). They have turned more affectionate , funny and lovable! lol