My Beautiful Fluffy Girl

About a month ago, I final got a cat of my own.


Growing up, I only ever had two cats.  We got Spliff when I was about fourteen or fifteen, and when he died I only spent a few months with Millie before I had to go to University.


On leaving University, my new home turned out to be annoying close to an RSPCA shelter.  Every time I walked into town I passed a window full of photos of adorable kittens that needed a good home.  I decided that as soon as I got a job and raised a bit of capital I'd phone the landlord and negotiate adopting a cat.


Thus, in January, I toddled down to the RSPCA centre and looked through a catalog of their current inmates.  I decided that I definitely wanted to adopt and give a kitty that really needed it a good life.  I also decided that I wanted a cat that was somewhere between 2 and 5 years old.  With working, I really don't have the time to care for a younger cat.  There were three cats that met that description, each held in different catteries around Norwich.  Roger was a five year old black short-hair who had recently been hit by a car and would possibly loose an eye.  Felixia was a five year old black short-hair who didn't really have a back story but was quite shy.  Lucy was an (approximately) five year old long-haired tortoiseshell who had been given to the RSPCA after her elderly owner had passed away.


By the time I phoned around the catteries, Roger had already been rehomed.  The first cat I visited was Lucy and she was so incredibly beautiful that I knew instantly that she was the cat that I wanted.  Two weeks later, Lucy came home and immediately hid herself behind the washing machine for the evening.


A month on and she has now very much become part of the family.  She loves a fuss and will happily come and snuggle with you, especially if you lie on the sofa.  She loves all kinds of cat food, apart from prawn flavour (she's very miffed if you dare try and make her eat that) and will also cry all night unless you allow her to sleep of the foot of your bed.  If you cook bacon, she also makes very suggestive lip-smacking sounds to indicate that she would very much like to help you eat it.


I love my Lucy-Lou (although have to point out at times that her name really is a shortened form of Lucifer).

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2010