Cat Walk

Not the runway, fashion kind but an actual walk with a cat. I went for a walk around the block and waited to see if my cat would follow me like he tried on two other occasions when I had to return him to the house because I didn't know how safe it was in traffic. This time, at 3AM, Geetaa followed me like a little dog around the corner, across 2 traffic free blocks to the 3rd street, and after mailing a letter we went down the street to the next corner, came back two blocks and rounded the last corner to come home. He meowed every once in awhile, asking what we were up to I guess, ran here and there, sniffed a tree, darted in and out of yards, but basically accompanied me like a friend on a walk! Total trip...1/3 mile. OK, not a marathon but what do you expect on a first ever trip??

UPDATE 10/24/2012: We still go for walks on occasion and Geetaa knows we go right at the 1st corner so trots ahead of me and makes his move. Cats are smart!

UPDATE 12/22/2012 [are we dead yet?]: Geetaa and I stared down a dog and his walker tonight at midnight, making them take an alternate route. Stupid dog. On a leash. HA!
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Wow...he's leading the way now :)

He IS! So is he taking ME for walks?? :)

That appears to be the case. I wonder what would happen if you didn't follow him.

Do you want to go on a walk?

OK..I'm walking you and fighting

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Funny....I thought this was going to be a tale on intrigue,nice one!! :-)

Thats good for a kitty. My cat walked with me down the street. It looked awesome. It was a while back and the street was completely torn up so there was no traffic. She likes to stay in now.

Ya, one night Geetaa was trotting near me at 3AM so there was little traffic when a car came and my worst fear happened - he darted into the street and froze like a deer in the headlights. Thank God the car stopped! I minimize our excursions but it's pretty cool and we'll do it again.

I don't know what I would do if she got hit by a car. Shes a scaredy of noise so I am not too concerned. But she doesn't bug me to go out anymore. And winter is coming so she will be in here warm with mom. :D

I used to have a cat who would go fishing with me. As we were fishing on the jetty, his job was to protect our catch from the crabs. He would walk with me out the jetty and back, he was very good at minding, coming when I called and I never had a cat with such trust. He swam to me in the Russian river in CA while I was fishing for steelhead. I heard a mew, and thought gee that sounds close, turned and he was stroking his little heart out trying to keep up in the current. I picked him out of the water and put him in my creel, but had to return to camp when he started shivering. When we were driving he would ride on my shoulder and watch the traffic go by. He was my buddy and I sure miss him, he was a Siamese tom like Mike, the guy in my avatar. When his time comes, I think you will miss yours too. Enjoy while you can we only get them for a little while

Two cats have owned me in the past. One was just like your swimmer when it came to driving. I missed each of them so much when they passed I turned down opportunities to be gifted with another as I didn't want the heartache again.
Geetaa, a beautiful tiger with soft fur, let himself into my house after someone abandoned him [the jerks should be taken out into the desert and...] and told me this was his new perch. We mailed another letter the other night and I plan to go with him again later around 3AM again. :)