i found a tiny baby grey kitty on a busy road she was running up and down the shoulder of this busy road and i tried to capture her and take her to hte shelter. about 30 minutes later i had her in the car with no box of any kind to hold her so i told my daughter to hold her so she wouldn't escape and took her home. since that time she no longer hisses at me and i can pick her up without much protest. but she is really afraid of any noise and people. she di start eating and has eliminated twice so i guess she is ok physically. but emotionally and socially with us and the other cats i have i want her not tobe so scared. she lives in a cat carrier and i bring her out and hold her in a pillowcase and prt her inside it . but she jerks at every noise or motion. any ideas to help such a shy one. thanks so much

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how do you help the other cats hissing and getting mad at the new cat? hissing doesn't bother me but they get mad and attack each other or us? how long does it take to get them where they can tolerate her?

I love cats my tina I hand reared she a friend 4 life now

she is so special and now she is responding more positive to us humans and is not hissing so much with the 3 big males in the house. i keep her on my lap or in a cat carrier while they are all in the same room. all day the boys would walk by and hiss at her and at each other they seem to be getting better with her though. i will definaly take down to the vet to get shots and fixed. my husband is less than a cat person then i so i hope he wants her to stay inside for long term.

Thank you and bless you for rescuing this tiny one! The first thing is to let a good vet check her over, and recommend the innoculations she needs. Then you'll want to get her spayed as soon as medically possible. A good grade of kitten food -- wet and dry would be best -- for the first year, plus fresh water of course! and you are doing a good thing by letting her have her own private space. Gradual introduction to your other family members, under supervision, will allow her to adjust slowly to other cats and children. I hope you can keep her indoors only, which is safest for all cats, and give her a long, healthy, loved life. ;)

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