I Was Abused

I went to one back in the sixth and seventh grade before I was expelled (it wasn't for bad grades). I had to deal with abuse at home with my old stepfather and there were other students bullying me too. I told the teachers and others that it wasn't right, but was just told to accept it or it was preordained. I accepted it for a while, but finally decided that it wasn't right and that I should think for myself. After that, I was kicked out by the school and never to return. In the end, it was the for the best because I didn't belong there since I didn't fit in. I wonder what I would say if I ever saw all the bullies and teachers I met there again. One in particular I have seen on Facebook and I know it's him without a doubt.
asert12345678 asert12345678
31-35, M
Apr 29, 2012