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Never Goes Away...

I went to a Catholic school for eight years before I basically told my mother that I was most definitely going to a normal public school the next year, with or without her acceptance. I found that the majority of students at the Catholic school have horrible personalities, and that most of them are completely full of themselves, and I was sick of putting up with them. The experiences I had at that school have stayed with me. The weekly attending of Mass, in the excruciatingly hot church (south Florida is an oven) with the ancient women chanting the Rosary and devotions before Mass started. I can still hear their chanting, it scared me to death when I was younger. And monthly Confessions, don't even get me started. I could never think up any decent sins that I was comfortable telling to someone, so I always used the same ones I made up each and every time. Catholic school also has given me a strong sense of guilt, whenever I do something remotely wrong I feel horribly guilty. Although as time goes on the guiltiness has started to fade...

LiquidNight LiquidNight 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 2, 2008

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Well said my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!