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Stockings And Garters

I too just adore Sheer Stockings. I ususally wear Berkshire, off black. I prefer RHT but they do seem hard to come by, unless you go to a speciality shop, either on line or a place off the beaten path.

The reason I like the Stockings instead of pantyhose, is because I just adore the look of my stockings attached to the Garters of my Girdle, Garter Panty, or Garter Belt. Girls, remember, if you do wear a garterbelt, make sure the garters go under the legs of you Panty. Believe me, ALOT easier to go to the restroom.

Stockings attached to Garters, to me, just seem totally more FEMININE.

However, I do have and wear pantyhose. This is when I wear a short skirt, but thats just usually at home alone, I think I'm a little too old for mini's. I usually wear my skirts either knee length or just about an inch or two above. Depends on if I'm wearing a Dress or Skirt and how it falls, or drapes about my waist.
When I wear jeans or slacks, I wear a pretty pair of pastel colored panties under my Pantygirdle. I can't find alot of colors in Pantygirdles as in the past. They only seem to come in Beigh, white and black, so I usually wear black with a matching lace Bra.
I just adore looking down and seeing the Garter Tabs from my Girdle showing through the legs of my jeans, it really adds to the FEMININE feeling. What REALLY adds to the GIRLISH Feeling is the Hip and Butt Padded Panty I wear underneath, it creates all by itself somewhat of a FEMININE gait and wiggle. Girls, I highly recomend, if you don't have a Padded Panty---GET ONE!! Please, do yourself a favor, make SURE it has a Padded Butt AND Hip! It will cost a little more, but trust me, the extra cost (maybe $10.00-$15.00), is well worth in. HONEST TO GOODNESS.
I went on, a little more than I had planned, so, even though I have alot to say, I must sign off now.

Take Care------------Be good and say HI, to everyone you meet today.

carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 2 Responses Feb 23, 2011

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Hi, I Agree Totally With Wearing Stocking I do also enjoy wearing pantyhose from time to time, but prefer to be the slutty show off, revealing my stocking tops to get them excited. The one peice of underwear, I'm having difficulty locating is a Panty Girdle with short (or no) legs, with garters attached directly to the leg openings, at least three. I remember wearing my sister's salmon or peach coloured one, and miss it terribly. It would go great with a mini dress, as the stocking tops are way up on my thighs, almost touching my bum.

Joyce, yes you are so right, just LOVE crossing my legs and showing a little bit of the lace from my slip and going up the darkness of the top of my stockings attached to the garters of my GarterPanty----So very FEMININE

OMG, yes. Not only Maidenform---------even some off brands.<br />
<br />
From 1961 to 1967 at least------Pretty colors were IN-------Then the hippy, sloppy era arrived.<br />
<br />
But the Era when Girls were FEMININE was the best. Pretty lacy Panties, cute Pastel LLPG's with matching lace Bra. Stockings attached to Garters, as opposed to pantyhose, which is just like wearing pants.<br />
In my mind, to be totally FEMININE, attire wise----you have to always be wearing a pretty skirt and blouse or Lovely Girly Dress.------Stockings attached to Garters, either from a garter belt or Lacy Girdle, cute Bra and I feel Girls a Slip is a Must, half or full, but in a cute color with pretty lace trim.