Cd Wife & Hus

i am a CD. My wife has no objection about it.We both are CDs.



But only on weekends.We both cross dress and go for outing

& shopping. My wife help me for make up, Select my dress

I always use pin point high heels.We really enjoy life.

Even in sex also she is my husband.I enjoy  my feminine

illusion while in sex. At the peak point my hus (wife) beat

me. He(she) give a lot of pain and still my feminity enjoy

that. Once I was sleeping clad in rose panty hose,tight bra

filled up with silicon brest and with full make up and ornaments.

She knot my hands with a rope and beaten me and forced to

have sex.The moment was horrible and still my feminity enjoyed. I really scared

but she really  raped me. her latex penis penetrate some ware in me.

it was really pain full. she beat,bite me. But i don't know I still love her .I respect

her. she too love me a lot.I am a slave. but I really enjoy slavery.But my problem

is that she torture me physically. I like it in some extend.,because I believe that she is my husband.

In Sundays I use to massage her body with almond oil before she take bath.

I should wake up in the early morning, and prepare break fast.

later i should wake her up with a bed coffee,

before  that  I want to make up myself and do all fittings.

she want to see me as a woman from morning onwards

After her cofee i should massage her body with almond oil.

And I should shave off her private part carefully.

later she(he) come to the dressing  room dress up like

a man and come to me.Then I serve her the break fast,.

She keep a little bit balance in plate . I use to take that with

a lot of pleasure. I accept her as my Bose.She like honey. It is so funny that

She take honey and spread over her private parts and says I should

clear with my tong. Yeeeee i really enjoy that. It is so tasty.

I lay down looking upside and he (she) sit on my face keeping her

private part on my mouth. I really enjoy that .But she hesitate to take

my penis like that.So here I enjoy my feminine illusion.But not sex.

She enjoy very  well. I do not know how to convince her to have more sex with me

witch is to be enjoyable for me too. Kindly advice me please pleaase please



with love








mathews73 mathews73
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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

hi,<br />
yes aniowagirl. You are correct. Thank you for your advice.<br />
I really love her.she too love me a lot .I know that. we both are on vacation<br />
now. So enjoy life more better. I am in female boutique full time. My wife taken my<br />
partially nude photos (in panty hose,lingeri & bra). We made an album.<br />
It is really nice.I want to serve her more and more better, Yes I admit I am <br />
her wife.She take me to beautician .I under went a fullbody shave.<br />
I feel like i am in heaven. My wife love me a lot now.Her torturing is still there.<br />
But I like it in some good extend.It was our wedding aniversary last day.<br />
She gifted me a paire of nylon pany hose and bra.It is nice.<br />
with love<br />