My Phone I Have

Okay, so I searched cell phone by being random in the experience project, and got some results, for me being 22 I have basically broken many phones, I have dropped them abused them and everything, and back when I was a kid I used to get these old ones from people but those were like 10 years ago and they were those old brick phones and they got very annoying to cary arround, and then other people i know gave me theirs so I was like, hey I will start a collection, and I did, you can see my videos of them on youtube. It is on the account phonesrcool08, and also, I have purchased a new phone today, the motorola w385, I did have the blackberry 7250, and then the voyager, but those phones annoyed me technically, so i just went to this  phone that has a lot more easier features, and the other costs a lot, in fact the voyager I had was broken so, i technically never used that, just recieved that, and so I would say i AM a total cell phone junkie, ps. the reason i no longer have a blackberry is well because it resets everything everytime i turn it on and now i am wondering why the previous owner got rid of it huh lol

phonesrcool08 phonesrcool08
22-25, M
Mar 8, 2009