I Am a Celtic Pagan Trapped In a Catholic World!

I must begin I suppose at the beginning... I was raised Lutheran.  My parents made me go through Catechism classes and said after that I was free to decide.  Believe me when I say at the age of 13/14 I began studying everything I could get my hands on while being pulled more toward Taoism and then on to the Transcendentalists.   Through my high school years I didn't have any religious preference until my sister joined the Catholic Church.  I was floundering in my own religious beliefs and I too began attending the Catholic church.  At the time I was drawn to it believing that what I was looking for was there all along - that it reawakened something in me...and so I converted to the Roman Catholic faith.  Still, I was not satisfied until I began reading more about paganism and becoming more engrossed in my own Celtic heritage. Here is my "Ahah!" moment knowing truly that my beliefs lay outside of a cold church whose patriarchal & monetary greed left me feeling more degraded than uplifted.  I have studied and practiced Celtic paganism for over ten years now and this is indeed how I want to raise my daughter.  It seems like the most natural, spiritual path for myself and yet I am at a crossroads with my family who are all Catholic now (my parents also converted in 1994 when I did).  I believe all have a right to spiritual fulfillment in whatever form it may take but my family is very devout and are demanding my daughter be raised Catholic.  I know I must grow a backbone but I do not want to hurt anyone in the process.  I am at a complete loss on how to proceed.

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I feel for you because I too are of Roman Catholic background and I understand the pressure. But it is important that you be true to yourself and teach this to your daughter. Your family actually do not have a right to insist or emotionally blackmail you or trick your child into being baptised or make her feel different. <br />
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I guess in the end you could always have the attitude that the baptism will be a "naming ceremony" and that you can tell your child that she will always have the freedom to decide on her own path. Your family will feel good and sanctimonious and you know that it is all voodoo for you .. with gifts for your child !!! Still, it is sad that you have to compromise and play games like this when all we ask for is freedom to follow our own path.