"hey Aide, Room 19 Needs A Juice!"

I'm pretty sure you've all heard that at some point in your career as a cna. You know, right as the nurse who told you is walking past room 19. Haha but all that beside I love my job as an aide (we call them patient care assistants here in Arkansas and in Texas where I'm from). I work in a med/surg floor of a hospital so we get a little bit of everything. Even some older peds every now and then. Mostly, though, we refer to our floor as the "geri-psych" floor because we're usually full of confused nursing home patients. I can assure you this, there is never a dull moment! We do get our elderly who are completely with it though. I love those the best. I took care of one lady that was 102years old. I sat in her room one night and talked to her for about an hour about her life and things she'd been through. Amazing! She told my about her childhood and living through wars and such changes. She gave me advice on marriage and raising kids. She told me "No matter what comes along-keep your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus." Then she passed away a few days later. My job is so incredible in that I know I am touching people's lives while helping them heal, but they also touch my life - most of the time without me even knowing it!!
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Jul 12, 2011