I've been a c.n.a. for over 17 yrs. & I still feel I don't really get the respect I deserve--from friends, family or the public. Most c.n.a.s are students-so just doing it for school-or as a stepping stone. This is my career. But it isn't seen as one. "Why didn't you go on to be a nurse?"--or my fav.-"I'm not doing this the rest of my life-I'm going to better MYself". We hear the obligatory 'c.n.a.s are the backbone of this place'--& then get nasty memos to sign whenever some incident happens & we all get lumped together. I work on a dementia hallway in a nursing home & make the same pay as the dietary staff. (No offense to them--but they do not get hit, kicked, sworn at....) I love my work, but to be honest, I am strongly considering doing something else. Normal burn-out is tough enough, but always feeling undervalued-or insignificant-is even worse.
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for what you wrote. I have also been a cna for 18 years and have moretime in the "trenches"then most of the nurses i work under. Now that the buisness men want to make a bigger profit off of the backs of the pt that we work so hard to give not only good care to but to try to give them some measure of happiness to the respect due to us is gone but just remember YOU are the one with them day in and day out You get the nurse to do something about the pain they are in becuse the cant say " I hurt" YOU are the one who gets them to laugh when they remember that the love of thire life is dead, and you are the one who is holding thire hand when they die and they are all alone. thire is a special place in heaven for you

I worked as an aide for years in a lock-down Alzheimer's/dementia wing. The lack of respect and gratitude is disgusting. They say what they have to for morale, but then its back to being treated like dirt. So what, you were just thrown across the room by a patient who is twice the size of you, and he punched and kicked you swearing he was going to kill you, you haven't finished charting your ADLs or ROMs... That's a write up. Guess you will have to work through your break.

I hear you sister! Even worse when your fellow aides start turning on you. I switched to homecare and LUV LUV LUV my job now. I have more nursing duties compared to feed-pan-sleep routine. I am actually making a difference in peoples lives and have a wide range of clients to work with. Might be worth looking into....I'm sure glad that I did.