My Only Work Stress...

Is my supervisor. I love my job but I’m having a really hard time getting along with the nurse. I only work on the weekends so I see a different one each time. There is one nurse in particular that just creates conflict where ever she goes. She’s very bossy and has the tendency to use a demeaning tone when ordering us around. I honestly don’t mind doing what she asks of me, I just wish she wasn’t so rude about her approach. It’s taking an effect on my work morale. It’s hard to stay positive when I feel so belittled. This job is not difficult, SHE is. I don’t know what to do to get through this. I tried to confront her and explain exactly why I feel offended by her, and she really doesn’t seem to care or listen. She reminds me of Nurse Ratched… What do you do in situations like these?
Zalea17 Zalea17
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1 Response Nov 26, 2011

My suggestion is to directly confront her. Do it in humility and with respect, you don't have to respect her as a person, but you have to respect the position and degree she holds. If you confront her and it doesn't work, go over her head to her supervisor and explain to them that you confronted her and nothing changed. There's a chain of command for a reason. Make sure you document (ie write down, take verbal notes with your phone) and bring them with you when you go to her supervisor.

I promise this won't jeopardize your job, and if she threatens to fire you and you haven't done anything wrong, go to the HR department. There are laws and rules put in to place to protect workers, EVEN CNAs!