I Quit.

I never want to work as a CNA again. It was too much for me. This job was emotionally and physically draining. I have so much respect for everyone in this field. I managed to stick with it for over a year and I am proud of myself for that. But, I am ready to move on to another part of the medical field. I love helping people, it gives me great joy so I am going to stick with that.
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That's really the way to do it from all the people I talked to and know since looked into becoming a RN. CNA should only be looked upon as a stepping stone for some. Other that are content Cool beans! But I just became a CNA so I can put it on my RN-school application and hopefully move up my wait-period before starting my colleges RN program.

Unless are happy & wanna stay a CNA it's best to work ti for a few months then get back to school to be a LVN or start a RN program...BEFORE a person becomes used to that paycheck, treatment then enough time passes by and they find themselfs that's what they got used to, comfortable with and Accept. Rather then moving onto larger and bigger things.

Thought about being a HHA instead or finding a place where the patient-to-nurse ratio is more near 1-1 or 2-1? Most places stretch and over work their staff incomparison to what they pay them....even in larger towns it still not worth it I find. Can also look for work with animals in the mean time while doing more medical school. Alot of what CNA's are taught are used just the same type way as care for animals and not have to worry about patients/visitors that somehow/someway seem to fnd the littlest reasons to have it out for you. *fallsdown* Even Vet's use the exact same chemicals/medicine to treat animals as humans.

I have been working in a nursing home now going on eight years, and I have no idea who I am anymore..
I'm glad you got out early. I wish you all the best on your journey into the medical field

Thank you.