The Scrubs

I became a nursing assistant in 1979. Back in the day you didn't have to be certified. I worked various jobs and in 1983, I became a direct care assistant. This is what the state of Maryland called their employees.After I left state service in 1993, I worked at a nursing home that gave the CNA classes so I became a CNA.  A couple of years later the state (MD) decided they wanted anyone working in a long term care facility to have a little more train, thus I then became a GNA(geriatric nursing assistant). I worked at a few more facilities but I would switch back and forth between geriatrics and mentally handicapped. I became a house manager for a group home of 3 mentally handicapped persons. The problem was I stayed there all week, m-f, and the hubby didnt like that very well. I had to be a CNA and I also became a Medication Technician so I could pass meds. I then decided that I wanted to go back to the geriatric population but I still wanted to be able to pass meds. In Maryland they had a program you can attend at a community college. It is a semester and when finished you are what they call a Certified Medicine Aide. The requirements are you have to be a GNA, worked like 1000 hours in the past year and have a referral from you Director of Nursing. So I did this and became a CMA. I hated it. The nursing home I worked in wanted the CMA to do all the morning med pass (65 people). I just could not do it in time. You only have 1 hour before and 1 hour after the med time. ( example 7 am could be given at 6am or 8 am) By the time you got to the other end of the hall it was like 11 am and you were so out of compliance. Anyway I left there and back to the group home. I stayed a while and once again the hubby began complaining so I quit. So here I am working in a nursing home that I worked at about 6 years ago. We live in West Virginia and they do not recognise the medicine aides here. The reason I called this "Scrubs" was everytime I would quit one job, I would put those old scrubs away and say I was never going to do CNA work again. Here I am, I am a Certified Nursing Assistant, once again.

sparksfurr sparksfurr
Jun 28, 2009