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I Am Indeed!

I actually like to consider myself more of a strength & conditioning coach. My passion is really working with team sports athletes, and sports performance is simply human movement at a high level and under control, so it translates perfectly well to training the average population. I don't really train bodybuilders or figure models, my concentration is quality of movement and the associated positive body changes that happen concurrent with effective training. : )
I train men and women virtually the same way, since they have exactly the same muscles holding exactly the same bones in exactly the same positions (with the exception of women's slightly different pelvis.)
I let the client dictate the goal, I don't try to force anyone into my personal belief box. : )
I would be happy to help anyone out if they have any physical training questions.
ngdi ngdi 36-40, M 1 Response May 3, 2012

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What about Yoga...It is rather nice system to train the body and sole. What do you think about it?

Yoga's fine. But it's usually a stand-alone type of thing. And most people who do yoga and swear by it came to yoga in pretty good shape, it's not the best approach for weight loss and CERTAINLY not going to improve sports performance on its own. I think the relaxation and focus on breathing is incredibly valuable though. (I work mostly with team sports athletes, so strength and power are usually my primary concerns. Yoga can be a good complementary approach but most people who come to me need more.) *shrug*