What You Learn No One Can Take Away From You

These were words encrusted in my head as a child by my mother, whom to her credit always encouraged education by stating the fact that you can read study and research 24/7 and you will still not be able to know everything there is to know but that which you have learned and taken the time to assimilate, no one can take from you.

My husband and I rented an apartment the first floor of a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood right after we got married while we looked for our first place. The landlord neglected to tell us that his hose was in the market, and after we were there for 3 months, the house was sold. Our renting agreement was for 1 year.

The new lady of the manor decided she wanted us to either sign a new agreement in which would double the rent an was for a new 12 months or we could move out within 30 days. Unknown to her we had just found a place, and the law stated her proposal was illegal.

My husband and I wrote a letter to the effect of the illegality of her proposal. She was enraged, and came out to our patio area where my husband was and started speaking her mind and threatening him when her voice escalated I went out to see what the commotion was about. She was not interested in taking a breath so I grabbed my husband by the arm and said: "let's go inside, she is mentally unstable". We went in to her screams: " you will be hearing from my lawyer"

Now; I am patient, my husband is as diplomatic as they come, but once I am threatened...it's " bring it on". So contrary to my upbringing I just turned around and screamed back at her " Good! You do that you foolish bimbo, go out and spend your husbands money so your attourney can tell you the same I just did for free!".

Two days later the typical lawyer letter arrived two pages long. I took pleasure in replying point by point and even researching the building documents, where it turned out the permit to have a separate living unit had been denied ( gravy on top). After my nine page reply citing law and paragraph to every detail I went further to include copies of the documents I had obtain which by law made "the owner liable for reimbursement of any money the contract covered. They would had to return the months we had paid give us 90 days to find a new place and pay for the reminder of the year we had a contract on.

On his half a page reply to my letter the attorney's tone not only change, instead of telling us we had to vacate the premises, it was more of a question, "when do you think you will be able to vacate?"

:) I thank my mother for her empowerment to face such situations and come on top.

Needless to say, we stopped paying rent for the next 90 days as the law stated, used the money to pay our new mortgage and re decorate the new apartment.

And my reply to the attourney, You can send the check for the three months immediately and on the 90th day when I turn my keys either you or your client will be at my steps at 09:00 to gi us a check for the remaining six moths (Since we did not pay for the next three).

As i picked up my check from the lord of the manor I smirked and said:" A pleasure doing business with you". He apologized for the situation and stated he looked forward to see us at a specific event. I reply "Oh, so now you know who we are?" He smiled noded and turn around.

As it turned out, his company had a proposal for the company my husband worked for. The person responsible for either accepting or rejecting the proposal: My Husband!
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Jul 13, 2010