And Proud of It!

i dont like the idea of spending a whole lot of money on one thing, just bc you can. its so wasteful. i mean, with all the poverty that ppl suffer in the world, at least you could spend your money wisely. that's what i believe. some ppl i know, who arent bad ppl, avoid walking into stores with a reputation of being cheap, or selling imitations of expensive designer styles. i don't see the point of flashing money around. sometimes the "quality" is actually worse in the more expensive item, i've found!

when i go out, i usually don't buy food, and wait until i get home to eat. if i do eat out, then i duck into a grocery store to buy something cheap! and when i buy clothes, it's usually with a very deep sense of guilt! i love shopping, but wth my budget and guilt i don't make purchases often. =[ during sales, i don't often look at the savings, but the end price. i mean, even if you save $90, you're still $90 out of pocket, for one pair of jeans.

my 'rents often are exasperated by sister, who believes in fully enjoying yourself without restraint. so, i like to think that i'm helping out by saving little bits here and there! :P

in saying all of this tho, i must admit that i do occasionally fork some money out for actually good quality clothes and stuff that will last forever and be used daily, like my beautiful black cashmere duffle coat. i suppose it all depends on your perception of what is worth it really.

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ah music...the one thing i would love to really blow my money on - but i am forbidden! i rely on the kindness of others to get new music, since i can't buy or dwnload (bad 'net). =>

You're Not cheap! Just... inexpensive!=}